St Louis Disc Dog UpDog Club Championships


medals Beer updogSince we are going to run multiple UpDog events all the way through December…why not turn it into a club challenge with awards at the end of year party?

We’ll keep it simple.   Teams will use the points they earn playing UpDog Games.    We will take the best 4 scores from each team per game to get a cumulative total at the end of the year.  We will have overall and per game champions.   We may have 6 or more opportunities to play each game, only the best 4 scores per team per game will count.

No cost to sign up,just Register below.  Enter your name, dogs name and your email.  Email is just used for updates.

You must be a member of the STL Dog and Disc Club to be eligible.


Whatever points you earn playing each game will count towards the club score.

If you earn 24 points in 4WayPlay at the event – you get 24 points.  If the game is played twice at one event, it will count as 2 different scores.

Current Standings :

STL UpDog Club Championships

STLDDC UpDog Club Championships

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