UpDog Challenge

UpDog is a disc and dog sport organization.

Mission – The mission of UpDog is to increase the number of dog owners participating in disc and dog sports

Vision – Our vision is to develop an organization that combines the elements of dog sports and human disc sports with earned accomplishments.  UpDog will award participants for their participation over time regardless of their finishing position in the games.

Principles – Everyone should have an opportunity to be acknowledged for their continuing participation and singular as well as comprehensive accomplishments. Dogs are to be treated with love and respect.


  1. Double the number of people participating in disc sports with their dogs.

  2. Have 52 UpDog events in one year.

  3. 10,000 UpDog members.

  4. Develop the best technology, games and structure in the dog sports.

  5. Have our premier events be sponsored and televised.



The Fahle’s
(Jack & Kat)

Games Master, VP of Expansion, Rising Star

Jack is revolutionizing traditional disc dogging games through UpDog and is our head rule maker and mastermind. Kat is an ambassador to agility teams through her creative crossover games and our Uber talented admin of all things UpDog.


Andrea Rigler

The Performer, The Designer

Andrea is well known for her passion for freestyle, but that is just one aspect of the dramatic flair she brings to the sport and to UpDog.


Bryan Batchelder
(Bryan & Banshee)


Bryan develops the Team Site and competes with his menagerie of canine competitors.

Get to know…

HeroHero Disc USA

Dog Disc Manufacturer
Website Link


Hyperflite logo

Dog Disc Manufacturer
Website Link


Jason Rigler
(Fire Breathing Dragon)

The Event Guru, The Web Guy

Jason wanted to build achievements into the sport and modernize the structure so more people can enjoy participating. He can now be spotted all around the globe running events, inspiring teams and beating world records.


(Babz and Jolene)

Merchandiser and Gamer

Fabulous in pink, Babz brings her business acumen and style to help UpDog reach out to dog lovers everywhere..

UpDog Ambassadors

– coming soon


Click if you can help…


We are still in the building phase, can you help us get the word out to dog sport organizations?


It is a lot of work watching over membership, scoring, member profiles, partnerships and more.  We could always use a few good administrative minds to pitch in.  Contact


Volunteers can help support the organizations goals,  run events, promote the sport, manage tables, registrations and more.   Let us know if you want to be part of the Team UpDog   Contact

FInancial Support

The UDC is open to financial support/sponsors.  Contact