A Celebration of Achievement!

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Freestyle Music for UPDIF 2018!
Freestyle music (MP3 format) should be uploaded to the following Google Drive Folder. Please name each file with your name, your dog’s name and whether the song is for the Criterion Round, Performance Round or both.
if your music is for the LCQ please include that in the file name!

Click “NEW”, “File Upload”, choose file from your computer and click “Open”

UPDIF 2018 Seminars – Wednesday
Freestyle – Mini seminar with Ania Radomska – 3 hours – $30 working spot with dogs (or $20 audit)
2 sessions – choose the AM session (9:30-12:30) or the PM (2-5) session
** maximum of 10 working spots – unlimited autitors
Throwing Seminar (DA and Long Distance) with Matt Bilderback – 3 hours $40 working spot with dogs (or $30 audit)
1 session – Wednesday morning 9:30-12:30
** 20 working spots – includes unlimited dogs per handler, unlimited auditors
Agility Games Strategies and Distance Handling with Sara Brueske – 3 hours $30 working spot with dogs (or $20 audit)
1 session – Wednesday afternoon 2-5
** maximum of 20 working spots, unlimited auditors

Height Division Changes
Note: If you want to change your dog’s jump height for UPDIF as a result of these changes (subject to height verification at UPDIF) you must EMAIL me by March 2nd (please don’t put jump height changes in the comments as I may miss them). kat@updogchallenge.com
New height divisions:
Mini – Under 15” Can opt to jump 4”, 8”, 12” or 16”
Midi – 15”- 18” Can opt to jump 8”, 12”, 16” or 20”
Maxi – Over 18” to under 23” Can opt to jump 12”, 16”, 20” or 24″
Mega – 23” and over Can opt to jump 12”, 16”, 20” or 24″

Thursday – Kan-Jam Social Tourney / win a Kan Jam set

Friday – The Helen Hunt (scavenger hunt downtown)

Saturday – Awards Banquet

Sunday – Sweet Spot Banquet

With the help of our sponsors, we will be hosting a raffle once again this year. This raffle is going to be enormous with over 40 baskets full of awesome items. Dome baskets are value at $300+! Raffle Baskets will be set up in the big white tent with the store. You can buy raffle tickets at the store or from any staff you see walking around with tickets. Write your name on the ticket and put your tickets in the appropriate bag for the number basket you are interested in.

Raffle tickets prices are as follows:
$5 for 5
$10 for 12
$20 for 25

Raffle sales will stop at 12:30pm Sunday and drawings will be in between competitors during the freestyle performance round. You must be present or have a representative present to win.

Embark (www.embarkvet.com) is offering $10 off of their tests to UpDoggers! Use the code: UPDOG10. It expires on 5/31/18.

Lodging Options:

Host hotel:  EconoLodge Helen, GA
Econo Lodge in Helen, GA has a block of rooms set aside for our group. Rate is $65 per night with no dog fee and no dog limit. Call (706) 878-8000 to book and tell them you are with the group “UpDog Challenge”. If you have any issues the manager’s name is Justin. This hotel is located only 8 minutes from Unicoi State Park and is within walking distance to a lot of the cool restaurants and shops within the quaint town of Helen.
Host camping and cabins:

UPDIF 2018 – Unicoi State Park Cabin and Camping Reservation Information:

Call 1-800-573-9659 – PROMO CODE 07666 UpDog Challenge 2018

CALL, DO NOT book online as the online prices are off by $10 (and 1 pet fee is already included in the listed price online).

USE THE PROMO CODE 07666 as it will save you approx. $50 per night for the cabins and $10-$30 per night on the campsites depending on the type of campsite you reserve

$35.00/$40.00 per night (full or partial hookup)
There are dump stations on site for those with partial hookups. Bath houses on site as well.

1 Bedroom Barrel – $129 weeknights/$149 weekends + $40 1 time per pet fee – 4 dog maximum

2 Bedroom Barrel and Smith Creek Cabins – $149 weeknights/$169 weekends + $40 1 time per pet fee – 4 dog maximum

The campground and barrel cabins are about a 3 minute drive to the competition field. The Smith Creek cabin is about a 5 minute drive to the competition field.

Offering a 10% discount for UpDog Challenge UPDIF participants.  They have several pet friendly cabins to choose from.  Nita Decker is the contact.

Red Roof Inn

Use code VP 623354 or book at https://www.redroof.com/deals/partner/updog_challenge to save 15%

Host Cabins:

Tanglewood Cabins – located two miles from Unicoi State Park. A large variety of cabins (~40) to choose from. Call Kelly at (706) 878 3286 or email her at stay@tanglewoodcabinrentals.com to book. Reference “UpDog” when you contact her. Do not book online as there are more dog friendly cabins than are listed on their site. Additionally their site says a 2 dog limit but simply tell her the # of dogs you will have staying and she will work with you on finding a cabin that will work for you (she did not mention how many was too many however as it varies by owner of the cabin). Pet fee is $25 or $50 ONE time fee for the entire stay and is not per dog (amount varies based on the # of dogs). Cleaning fee of $35-$75 per cabin per stay (varies based on the # of rooms – example 1 BR is $35, 3BR is $55, etc.). The “winter” rate will be in effect for the time period we are at UPDIF.

Our Premium Players packs are currently valued at over $200 of goodies.   And we are sold out.

Height based awards
Some changes to the awards for UPDIF: We’ve listened to your feedback and want to emphasize our commitment to our “if we build it they will come” mantra for the height divisions. As such, for UPDIF 2018 we will be awarding height divisions for all games. For each game the top 3 dogs in each height division will get a cool UPDIF specific game medal and the top 3 dogs overall (from any height division) will earn trophies.

With this change comes another announcement… starting in 2018 UpDog will now have 4 height divisions due to the addition of the “Mega” division. The Mega division will be for dogs 23” and over. With these changes we will be doing away with the versatility award. The purpose of the versatility award was to recognize the top dog of each height division however with this new change that is no longer needed.

Additionally this will require all dogs to be measured who haven’t been measured before – we’ll publish the specifics on how that will be done closer to the event. We hope that you all are excited about the change and we look forward to recognizing dogs of all sizes achieving their best at UPDIF.

Level 2
The games we will be playing at Level 2 for UPDIF 2018 are: Freestyle, Throw N Go, Frizgility

Please read up on the rules for level 2 for these games if you have not played them at Level 2 before. For Throw N Go and Frizgility, both games can be played the same as level 1 with minor exceptions.

Frizgility Level 2 – High Level Summary: Throws between 3 and 10 yards do not count for points and there is out of bounds unlike in Level 1. Otherwise this game can be played the same as Level 1 if the team chooses. Other changes – throws past 20 yards count for 25 points. There is an obstacle discrimination challenge behind the middle obstacle that can be taken for higher points (see rules for details). The Sweet Spot is worth 15 points. https://updogchallenge.com/frizgility-level-2/

Throw N Go Level 2 – High Level Summary: The middle zone is not doubled for points until the 3rd zone (as opposed to the 2nd zone in Level 1). The far zone is worth 10 points on the sides and 15 points in the center. https://updogchallenge.com/frizgility-level-2/

Freestyle Level 2 – https://updogchallenge.com/freestyle-showcase/

Spots are limited to 20 runs per game, and seminars are limited to 20 working spots per seminar, so you’ll want to register as soon as possible.

If you have any issues, please email help@updogchallenge.com.

LCQ schedule
o Far Out 8:30am-9:45am
o Spaced Out 9am-10am
o FunKey 10am-11am
o Freestyle 10am-11:30pm

At least 3 of the top placing teams in each of these games will earn a spot to UPDIF that weekend. All points earned at the LCQ will count towards the 2018 season points.

To prevent issues like a team not being listed on your account, or the system mistakenly showing the team being ineligible to register in the LCQ for a particular game, we’ve created a pre-flight check page which is active now.

Measuring will occur Wed afternoon, Thursday, Friday and Saturday AM. ALL dogs must be measured this year and must be measured by 10am Saturday morning. Specific times and locations will be updated on the live sheet as we get closer to the event. Measuring will occur via a PVC wicket that has been designed to be used without the measuring official having to touch the dog. A PVC bar will be required to touch the dog’s withers (shoulders) while in a standing position if they are near a height division cut off.

UpDog International Finals

Unicoi State Park, Helen, GA – March 15-18

UpDog style

You should expect something very UpDog.  Clever, quirky, cheeky and focused on fun and growth.   Our goal is to provide teams with an experience they won’t forget.   This event is by competitors for competitors.


We love to give prizes and awards not only to the best competitors but also other categories that we feel contribute to the heart and soul of UpDog.  Our desire is to support, encourage and recognize the growth and achievement of every team. You never know what cool award or prize we may hand out next.  We will do everything we can to surprise you, wow you, and make sure you have a pretty amazing experience.

*Competitors should look for the “Personal Best” Achievement handed out by judges when a team exceeds their previous personal best in a game.

The Basics

This has grown from a 3 day event to a 5 day event. We will play every UpDog game and award the top finishing competitors in each game Saturday and Sunday evening.

Qualification Period

January 1st through December 31st is our qualifying season.

Any points earned during the qualification season at any UDC sanctioned event will count towards UpDIF Qualification

Qualification Guidelines

You must be an UpDog member (an activated team) during the qualification period to be eligible to attend the International Finals.

Registration is closed
Waitlist is Open until February 8th
email Kat@updogchallenge.com

Below is the tentative schedule for UPDIF 2018. We will try to stick to this schedule however it is subject to change based on the number of teams registered per game and/or weather. We’ll keep you up to date on any changes as we know them.

Wednesday, March 14th
· Seminars 9:30-5pm
· Field Prep

Thursday, March 15th
· Last Chance Qualifier
o Far Out 8:30am-9:45am
o Spaced Out 9am-10am
o FunKey 10am-11am
o Freestyle 10am-11:30pm
· UPDIF 2018 Begins
o 7 Up 1pm-5:30pm
· Social Activity – after 6pm – more details coming soon

Friday, March 16th
· UPDIF 2018
o Far Out Mens 8:00am-10:45am
o Far Out Womens 11am-3:30pm
o Throw N Go 8am-5:45pm
o Freestyle 1:30pm-5:30pm
· Social Activity – after 6 or 6:30pm – more details coming soon

Saturday, March 17th
· UPDIF 2018
o Spaced Out 8:00am-5pm
o FunKey 8:00am-5pm
o Four Way Play 8:00am-5pm
· Banquet – Friday and Saturday Awards 6:30PM Food/8PM Awards

Sunday, March 18th
· UPDIF 2018
o Frizgility 8:15am-4:15pm
o Time Warp 8am-4pm
o Freestyle Performance Round 1:30pm-5:30pm
o Sweet Spot Banquet, Sunday Awards and Presentation 6:15pm

Got a question?

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Stayed Tuned as we Update this page.

UpDog International Finals is calling all vendors!  Do you have products that
appeal to the dog community?  There will be over 100 competitors from the United States, Canada and Poland attending this event
representing multiple states and provinces.

The vendor fee is only $25 plus a donation to be used in the raffle or as a game prize valued at $25 or more.  If you would like to be a vendor at UPDIF 2018 please contact Barbara Reinhold at barbjewelry@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

Vendors must provide their own shade and electricity (generators are
allowed so long as they do not burn the grass and are located away from
competitors and the playing field due to sound and exhaust). Vendors will
be able to leave their tents/items set up overnight however there is no
security at the field overnight.

Vendor tents will be adjacent to one of the playing fields and within easy
site of the competitors and the competition. Exact location will be
provided on March 14 th once field set up is complete.

Vendors can set up late Wednesday (3/14) afternoon once UPDIF field set
up is complete (likely after 4pm) or Thursday (3/15) AM. Tear down can
occur Sunday after the competition has completed or Monday morning.

Check the Live sheet for updated parking map.

Tents may not be set up until field prep is complete. That should occur by mid afternoon on Wednesday 3/14. We will post on the event page and discussion page when tent set up can begin. It is highly recommended that you bring a tent for shade/protection from the weather. Pending field conditions we hope to be able to allow you to drive up to unload but it will depend on how the ground is at the time. See the map above for competitor tenting areas but keep in mind a finalized map will be posted on 3/14 so please stay tuned.

Buy from UPDIF Sponsors!!