Create a Profile for Free

Go to the TEAMS site, login, and start adding dogs and humans on the competitors tab. Then go to the teams tab and join a dog with a human to make a team.


Activate Your Teams

Activated teams have access to stat tracking tools, can earn achievements and UPs, and are eligible for Worlds Qualification and points tracking.  Read this document for instruction on “activating” your team.


Track Your Achievements

Attend UpDog Challenge events and earn Achievements and UPs as you play.   Points, achievements and UPs are tracked under each teams profile.  You can also view your Worlds Qualifying points needed for each game.

An UpDog profile is free. You can create a profile for yourself and as many dogs and even other handlers/humans as you like.  You would then combine handlers and dogs to create teams. Once you create a team you get a UTN or UpDog Team Number.  This is free.

1. Create your profile for free

2. Enter each of your dogs and handlers on the competitors tab

3. Go to the teams tab and combine a dog and handler/human to get a team number.

4. Activate each team with a lifetime membership

5. Enter those codes on the teams tabs to enable your teams

In order to view stats and receive Achievements and UPs for a team you must ACTIVATE that team. Activating a team is just $20 per team.

Data on your team profiles, like points and achievements, are not considered official if there is an x in your team or competitor number.

UDC Creating and Activating a Team

Click here to Get the Full PDF Instructions

Create and Manage Teams

Activating a team gets you access to your full team stats which includes Achievements, UPs and Worlds Qualifying points.   You will also be eligible to attend worlds and receive UPs in the mail.   UPs are physical awards in the form of dog tags and/or ribbons.

The $20 per team helps cover the upkeep and continued development of the website. Trust me, its costly.  Many organizations have a paid membership option that is more expensive and offers less cool stuff.  We hope you will find the $20 to be a worthy investment in your UpDog experience.

go to  You can then join or login via the links at the top right corner.   If you are already logged in, just click on your name to see all the profile tabs.

You can still play all the games, place in the games and even see event results.   We are just glad you are having fun playing with your dog(s).

Several factors come into play here.

1. The event data needs to be submitted by the Tournament Director

2. Previous data from before you created your team, must be manually appended to your team and can take some time.  Shoot us an email to start that process

3. Other stuff…

So give us a week before you email.  Check the events page and if you see the event listed that means the data has been uploaded.  If your team has not been updated, shoot us an email.Couple thing might be happening.

1. Someone else has a dog with the same name.

2. Prior to having a team number, your data may have been stored with a different variation of your dogs name

3. You or we may have added your dog with the same name and have not yet merged the old data with your new team.

So…email is if you feel you are missing data or have duplicate dogs and we will get it cleared up for you.It’s possible that

  1. You have used different ways to log in so your teams are actually visible under a different login.
  2.  You are new, just played for the first time, and your event info hasn’t been received or uploaded yet.

if you get stuck, email us

Unlimited.  You can have as many teams as you like.  But you may not want to track the stats for every dog you throw to at an UpDog Challenge.

LifeTime Memberships

Teams new to UpDog can still play without activating! That process will continue to work the same as it does today. New/non-activated teams will not earn achievements, UPs or points for UPDIF, but they can play at local events. If new/non-activated teams opt to activate later their points will be applied to their newly activated team, and achievements and UPs will be retroactively earned.

Activations will now be a one-time cost of $20 per team.

Already an existing activated team?No worries we have got you covered! For every year you have previously purchased a code for your team you get $5 off your lifetime activation. Activated in 2018 and 2019? Your cost in 2020 will be $10 and you’ll never have to pay for activation for that team again. Activated in 2015 and every year since? Your cost will be $0!

Are you activating a team with a senior dog?We have you covered too! Dogs 8 years old and older during the calendar year you are activating are only $10. If a senior dog is renewing an existing activation the cost will be the cheaper of the two.

To help grow the sport from the ground up…youth competitor teams are just $10. Youth must be 15 years of age or under through 12/31 the year of activation to be eligible for the youth discount.