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Date(s) - 04/23/2020 - 04/27/2020
All Day

Unicoi State Park


This event has been postponed.

Don’t miss it!  The 5th annual UpDog International Finals!

Unicoi State Park – Helen, Georgia

Registration will open in early 2020

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Wave 1 – Invitation Wave
UpDog team issues invites. Invitations are per game, per team. You are guaranteed this spot provided you meet the points required for that game. You must commit to coming to UPDIF and secure registration for that game with a $15 payment within 3 weeks of the season closing (i.e. around January 25th). This will allow us to determine how many wildcard invitations are available.
Invites will be issued based on the following criteria (This equals 35 invites per game – for Far Out Men’s and Women’s Divisions count as separate games)
  • Team is in the top 5 by the average of your best 3 scores per game per level (same as last year) – 10 spots per game except 7 Up and Greedy
  • Team is in the top 5 by cumulative points per game per level (same as last year) – 10 spots per game except 7 Up and Greedy
  • Podiumed at UPDIF 2019 by height division (new for 2020) – 12 spots per game.
Any overlap of the above (a team that meets multiple of the above criteria) will free up slots for the UpDog team to issue wildcard invitations. Wild card invitations will be based on a variety of criteria. More on potential wild card criteria in a future post.
Again, these invitations are per game per team. Unlike UPDIF 2019, wave 1 does not allow the team to register for all games they have met the point requirements for. Only those games they receive an invite for.
Wave 2 – Rationed Runs Wave
Handlers get to register for up to 5 games per team, up to 15 total runs per handler. Point requirements must be met by game in order to have that game as an option to select. Game selections will be ranked by you when selected so that if a game fills the system will move to your 2nd choice game, then 3rd, etc. This will be done first-come, first-served. The Invitations issued in Wave 1 do not count towards these limits.
Example 1: Larry and his dog Princess made the podium in FunKey at UPDIF 2019. Larry and Princess have met the point requirements for FunKey and 6 other games (total of 7 games). During Wave 1 Larry will accept his FunKey invite. During wave 2 Larry will rank the 6 other games he and Princess qualified for. Larry registers before any of his games fill so he gets his top 5 of 6 choices. Larry and Princess are now registered for 6 out of the 7 games they are qualified for – FunKey from wave 1 and his top 5 out of 6 games from wave 2.
Wave 3 – Free For All Wave
Any runs still available after wave 2 can be registered for on a first-come first-served basis. Limits/rations are no longer in place.
Continuing the example above… if Larry and Princess’ remaining game still has open spots Larry can now register Princess for that game for a total of 7 runs at UPDIF 2020.
Wait List
For any games that fill during Wave 2 or 3 a wait list will be started in the order of the time that your registration came in.
UPDIF 2020 Run Allotments Per Game:
Far Out Men – 100
Far Out Women – 140
Four Way Play – 250 (will occur on split fields again)
Freestyle – 60
Frizgility – 200
FunKey – 160
Greedy – 150
Seven Up – 200
Spaced Out – 200
Throw N Go – 255 (will occur on split fields again)
Time Warp – 225
Note: Once registration is complete, and we see how the numbers shake out we may be able to increase the allotment per game in some of the games.
VERY tentative schedule for UPDIF 2020:
Non UPDIF activities (seminars, games – exact activities to be determined)
Last Chance Qualifier (If applicable – it will be determined whether an LCQ will be offered after Wave 3 of registration closes.)
Thursday – likely start time of 8 or 9am
Far Out Men
Far Out Women
Friday – 8am start
Throw N Go Level 2 – split fields
Frizgility Level 2
Freestyle Level 2 Criteria
Saturday – 8am start
Four Way Play – split fields
Time Warp
Freestyle Level 2 Performance
Sunday – 8am start
Seven Up
Spaced Out
Most likely a Finals Round of 1 game (probably Time Warp)
Multiple Dog Example:
Sheila has 4 dogs qualified for several games for UPDIF 2020. Sheila received 1 invite via wave 1. She and Silver were in the top 5 3-game average for women’s Far Out.
· Sheila and Q: Frizgility, Greedy, Spaced Out and Throw n Go
· Sheila and Zen: Four Way Play, Frizgility, FunKey, Greedy, Spaced Out and Throw n Go
· Sheila and Sydney: Freestyle, Throw n Go, Time Warp
· Sheila and Silver: Far Out, Frizgility, FunKey, 7Up and Time Warp
Wave 1: Sheila registers for Far Out with Silver.
Wave 2: Sheila ranks her games by dog as she has more than 15 runs she has qualified for.
· Sheila and Q: Frizgility (1), Greedy (7), Spaced Out (8) and Throw n Go (4)
· Sheila and Zen: Four Way Play (9), Frizgility (2), FunKey (17), Greedy (12), Spaced Out (13) and Throw n Go (16)
· Sheila and Sydney: Freestyle (3), Throw n Go (10), Time Warp (11)
· Sheila and Silver: Far Out (already registered), Frizgility (14), FunKey (5), 7Up (15) and Time Warp (6)
Sheila gets her first 15 choices and is now registered for 16 games.
Wave 3: Sheila tries to register for her 17th choice (FunKey with Zen) but the game fills before she is able to so Sheila is put on the waitlist for FunKey in the order that her registration came in.
Other Notes:
Just like previous years we will have Pre-Flight registration so that you can make your selections prior to registration opening. Then at the day/time specified for registration to open you only need to log in and hit submit.
2020 Registration Enhancement: Registration for UPDIF 2020 will allow you to complete all your payment information during pre-flight. It will also allow PayPal. This will ensure that typos do not cause registration delays. As long as payment goes through (ie: not denied by your credit card company or PayPal) you shouldn’t incur any delays due to payment.

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