Create and Track your Teams!


We invite you to our public Beta Launch of the UpDog teams site.

First you can visit the explanation page and then
check out the Teams site. 

 *** Already have team data? Is there an X in your team or competitor number?
That’s old stuff…We’d like you to create new teams so we can associate your previous data with your new teams.


This is a Beta Launch – we expect there will be errors, issues, and snaffoos.  We welcome any and all of your feedback during this time so we can continue to develop and improve the experience for our Teams.     Shoot us an email

We plan on the full launch to happen in September.  We appreciate your help in making this the coolest disc dog team tracking website in the world.


Freestyle stats are not yet included

Keep an eye on the explanation page for updated answers to common questions




AWI and FarOut March 14-15th in Spring Hill Florida

On Sunday March 15th, UpDog invites you to venture FarOut for a distance event unlike any other.

On Sunday March 15th, UpDog invites you to venture FarOut for a distance event unlike any other.  (Sold Out, waitlist only)

Join us for the launch and be there as we give away over $1000 in cash and prizes over the weekend.  Why not make the trip down to sunny Florida, shake off some of the winter rust, and start your season off with 2 great events! AWI on Saturday and UpDog on Sunday.

On Saturday the 14th, come for the AWI qualifier and cash and catch competition then stay Sunday for your shot at distance glory! Oh, and of course we will play some of your favorite UpDog games, including 4WayPlay with the infamous Tetra Quad bounty worth $200…

we will give away over $1,000 in cash and prizes on March 14th-15th.

That’s not all … we are also offering an awesome players pack and a special bonus prize.

The players pack.

The first 50 teams to claim their players pack will get a special edition FarOut shirt, a Dynamic discs Koozie, an UpDog window fire safety cling, a custom stamped disc golf mini and a custom stamped Latitude64 Bite disc. The special edition far out shirt and custom stamped Bite disc are only available via the players pack. These players packs are worth more than $40 and there are only 50 available.

soldierThe bonus.

The best score in the mens and women’s division by a team using a Bite disc gets the Dynamic Discs prize pack. You get a dynamic discs soldier bag with straps, a hat and a dry fit shirt. If you want to order a Bite disc in advance, click (Here)


Any team that competes using a bite disc will also get the special edition FarOut disc golf mini, and anyone who earns the Flutie gets a $10 store credit to the UpDog Store… (click here to read about “the Flutie”)

Not to mention all the achievements, special awards and sur-prizes you can earn on Sunday! Come get Funky with us on March 15th, for more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Register now and claim your players pack! (Registration closes March 12th) Register 

Event Info

CFDDC presents…


AWI Divisions
Open Qualifier – $20 (1 Round of FS – 120 secs + 1 Round of T&C – 60 secs = Cut to Top 10 2nd round of FS – 120 secs)
Cash & Catch – $15 (1 Round of T&C – 60 secs = Cut to Top 10 2nd round of T&C – 60 secs) Winner takes home cash…
Recreational Freestyle – $10 (1 Round of FS – 90 secs)
Recreational Toss & Catch – $10 (1 Round of T&C – 60 secs)
Note: Each dog+handler team may only enter one Freestyle division and/or one Toss & Catch division. For example, Team 1 can enter Open Qualifier and Cash and Catch or Team 2 can enter Recreational Freestyle and Recreational Toss & Catch.
Note: Recreational divisions are created for teams that do not care to compete against the pros not restricted by skill level.

Registration: 9:00am – Start: 10:00am

UpDog Challenge Info

The official Launch of FarOut! A distance game that gives you 4 shots to rack up points.

Games Played:
Far Out (with cash and prizes to the top winners)
Four Way Play (the Tetra quad bounty is at $200)
Spaced Out

-Pre-Registration closes March 12th Register 
-Day of Show Entries will be accepted if the event does not fill. Check the website to see if the event has filled.

12 Days of UpDog : Day 12

On the TWELFTH day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

Membership Site Launches in January!!!

Create profiles for dogs and handlers and combine them to make teams.  Track stats for your enabled teams.  We’re working hard to finalize all the little details.  Look for memberships to launch in early January!

That wraps up the 12 days of UpDog!  Thanks for following along!

12 Days of UpDog : Day 11

On the Eleventh day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

the UpDog Achievements Matrix

A comprehensive list of all the achievements and UPs available per game. On the ACHIEVEMENTS  page.
 Also check out the MAPS OF SUCCESS on each game page.

Stay tuned for Day 12 !

12 Days of UpDog : Day 10

On the Tenth day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

UpDog FarOut Distance Game

This is more than just who can throw the farthest, it’s whoever accumulates the most points in 3 throws and a Sweet Shot

Check out the Game Rules

Stay tuned for Day 11 !

12 Days of UpDog : Day 9

On the NINTH day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

Worlds Qualification Period

You know when Worlds is, but…do you know how to qualify?

UDC Worlds

Stay tuned for Day 10 !

12 Days of UpDog: Day 8

On the Eighth day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

Frizgility Freak Shirts

These aren’t for everybody…
Only competitors who have earned the Frizgility Freak achievement can order this shirt.

Check it out in the store

Stay tuned for Day 9 !

12 Days of UpDog : Day 5

On the Fifth day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

Liiiiive Website Stats

Your UPs and Achievements are online!!

This live website stats view is a sneak peak at the soon to be launched membership site.  You can view your achievements and UPs earned through the end of 2014.

Wanna See? Let’s go then!

We’ll go into more detail about stats and membership soon!

Stay tuned for Day 6 !

12 days of UpDog : Day 4

On the Fourth day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

All Game Rules Updated!

Check out the most recent rules for all our launched games.

You can visit each game via the top menu or get an overview by
going to the GAMES PAGE

Stay tuned for Day 5 !

12 Days of UpDog : Day 3

On the Third day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

Club Discounts for Booking Early!

Clubs booking stand alone events (not their first event) will receive a 15% discount if they book by 1/15/15. Clubs who have not yet had their first event can also take advantage of this offer by booking their 2nd, 3rd, etc. event with us in advance! Go to the CLUBS PAGE for more details and to book your event!

Stay tuned for Day 2 !

12 Days of UpDog: Day 2

On the SECOND day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

UpDog Freestyle Game!

After much thought and care and debate amongst us and input from players around the world, we are ready to add the game of Freestyle to the UpDog Challenge

The rules are live and can be viewed “HERE”

Some highlighted changes include:

  • Round 1 is judged on criteria and round 2 is judged on performance
  • There is no toss and fetch but there are 2 sweet spot bonus throws
  • We have an alternate scoring format for clubs who can’t field 4 judges
  • There are 3 different dog and human divisions available


There will be certification classes and judging courses online early in 2015.

Stay tuned for Day 3 !

12 Days of UpDog : Day 1

On the FIRST day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

1st Annual UpDog Worlds!

Save the date!
March 19-21, 2016 at the Canine Complex, Canton, Georgia.

more information will be added to this page

—>  UDC Worlds

Stay tuned for Day 2 !