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Do I have to become a member?

Membership is not required to participate in UpDog.  But since one of the best parts of UpDog is the achievements and UPs you can earn, you will want to be a member so you can track all your accomplishments on your personal profile.  Membership

Are there any dogs are people who can't participate?

Some games have age restrictions for the dog.  Please see the games page for more info.  Our goal is for all dogs and all people to have the opportunity to enjoy UpDog games and achievements.   Dogs in heat are welcome to participate if they are wearing a diaper.

Can I host the UpDog games at my event?

You sure can, visit the clubs page for more information.

Where can I find General Rules?

Go to the Games Overview Page to see our general guidelines for participation

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2014 is our launch year, and we are still beta testing some games.  There are sure to be a few changes and revisions along the way.  We have big plans for UpDog and with your help we can have more people all over the world enjoying great games with their dogs.  Active dogs are happy dogs!   So let us know what we can do better, all we ask, is that you do it nicely.

UpDog is all about its members.

We are members.  And we built this organization for the members.  The recipe is fun, learning and achievements and when you add man’s best friend, it is a win/win situation.