UppyD Thankful this November

We are dropping prices this fall and offering up a limited edition UpTurkeyDog shirt.   This shirt is available for a very limited time.  So get your today and keep an eye out for Autumn price drops.

We are thankful for all of you and the fun you are having with your dogs.

12 Days of UpDog : Day 6

On the sixth day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

the UpDog store is Open!

And we have some cool new gear like the mens pink sweet spot shirts!

Free Shipping all through December!  Order now to get it under your tree.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Stay tuned for Day 7 !

12 Days of UpDog: Day 2

On the SECOND day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

UpDog Freestyle Game!

After much thought and care and debate amongst us and input from players around the world, we are ready to add the game of Freestyle to the UpDog Challenge

The rules are live and can be viewed “HERE”

Some highlighted changes include:

  • Round 1 is judged on criteria and round 2 is judged on performance
  • There is no toss and fetch but there are 2 sweet spot bonus throws
  • We have an alternate scoring format for clubs who can’t field 4 judges
  • There are 3 different dog and human divisions available


There will be certification classes and judging courses online early in 2015.

Stay tuned for Day 3 !

12 Days of UpDog : Day 1

On the FIRST day of Christmas UpDog gave to me…

1st Annual UpDog Worlds!

Save the date!
March 19-21, 2016 at the Canine Complex, Canton, Georgia.

more information will be added to this page

—>  UDC Worlds

Stay tuned for Day 2 !

Alberta catches the UpDog Challenge Fever!

On July 11th, UpDog made the trek to Alberta, Canada to launch the first ever international UpDog competition!  We played a round each of Frizgility, Throw and Go and 4 Way Play and introduced the locals to the fun and strategy that UpDog games have to offer dog and handler teams.

Along with some fantastic weather, we had our first ever Canadian Double Quad Achievements in 4 Way Play and Centurian Achievement in Frizgility!   The locals all got a chance to observe and guest judge the games in preparation for their first full day UpDog Challenge scheduled on August 31st in Alberta.  For more info about the next Alberta UpDog event, click here.

Here are some more achievements from the weekend!

Marion Paulson – Petals – Sharpshooter and Golden Receiver
Heather Gallagher – Ava – Sharpshooter
Kristen McKenna – Crash – Golden Receiver
Kristen McKenna – Riptide – Golden Receiver
Marion Paulson – Rayne – Golden Receiver
Tracy Prudden – Jenga – Sharpshooter

Kristen McKenna – Riptide – Centurion

4 Way Play:
Heather Gallagher – Ava – Double Quad
Kara Bellingham – Piper – Double Quad
Kristen McKenna – Crash – Double Quad
Kristen McKenna – Riptide – Double Quad

As always we want to thank our friends in Canada and the Zero Gravity Disc Dogs for their support and love spreading the UpDog fever around the globe.

Chip Baker and Phate First Ever Triple Quad in 4WP

The points were mounting up fast and furiously during the game of 4-Way Play at the UKC premier event this past June. Teams were clearing quads and landing in the sweet spot as time expired. Something in the air said this day was going to be a special one. It was then that Chip and his dog Phate stepped into the sweet spot to start their round of 4-Way Play. Chip had already put up a good round with another one of his dogs and judges watched with anticipation. Within 15 seconds, Chip and Phate had cleared their first quad. Shortly after the 30 second mark the 2nd quad was cleared. Time was ticking down; you could cut the suspense in the air with a Bowie knife. With five seconds to spare Chip and Phate cleared the first ever triple quad in competition, and scored an extra zone for good measure. Just to prove that the accomplishment was no fluke, Chip and Phate repeated the feat the following day. Congrats to the first ever team to clear 3 quads and earn the Triple Quad Achievement. Who will be next and who will claim the $100 dollar bounty UpDog has put up for the first team to clear 4 quads and earn the TetraQuad achievement. The next opportunity to play 4-Way Play is July 11th in New Hampshire or Alberta, Canada. Congratulations to Chip and Phate and good luck to all the teams next weekend.

Check out the 4-Way Play Videos:

Rules Video 4 Way Play in Action

Introducing Accomplishments from Events

UpDog goes International

The UpDog Challenge is making its mark all over the country.  Clubs, organizations and groups are contacting UpDog to find out how they can host the UDC and play the UpDog games with their dogs!

Check out our events page to see some of the upcoming events.

Just the past few weeks we had events in Minnesota and Michigan with more events coming in Florida, Alberta and New Hampshire.  And we are just getting started!  With only 3 of our games released to the public, we are already hearing rave reviews and excitement about Frizgility, 4wayplay and Throw and Go.

It’s not just our games that are getting rave reviews, but our UpDog shwag as well!  The hats, branded discs and canvas bags have been in high demand since we launched.

What’s next?

More games released and profiles will go live!  Profiles are where your achievements are stored like the Holy Roller and the Gnarly Moose!

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The UpDog Challenge at the UKC Premier

UpDog will be on site for the 2014 UKC Premier in Kalamazoo MI.   Stop by and enjoy a round of 4WayPlay and Frizgility!

June 13, 14 & 15, 2014

The UKC Premier™ Dog Show, which began in 1994, is regarded by many as a benchmark event for dog enthusiasts seeking to compete among the best in the world of competitive dog events. The four-day event is expected to feature thousands of dog entries representing over 125 breeds.

Premier is the forum for UKC to showcase their philosophy of the Total Dog™, in which a dog should not only have the beauty necessary for the traditional show ring but also the ability to perform the functions and duties for which its breed was originally created.

For more information on this and other UKC events as well as links to UKC sponsor websites, be sure to visit the official website at www.ukcdogs.com.

Easter Preview

At our 2nd official event of 2014 we unveiled “special achievements”.  At some events around the country we will have achievements that will only be available at that event. that means you could earn a very rare achievement that only a few others will have.

This event happened to fall on Easter Weekend so we introduced the “Holy Roller” Achievement.  Earned by clearing a quad in the game 4WayPlay by using only rollers.  The only competitor to successfully earn the achievement was Mike Dillon with his dog Molly!



UpDog Soft Launch

2 of our games went “Live” which means they were graduated from beta testing to release to the public.    Our soft launch games consisted of 4WayPlay and Frizgility.  Both games were a hit!   We’ll be monitoring and tweaking the games as well as our achievements, scoring and more for these games and the other games we will be launching soon.

Games Beta Testing

To start 2014 we’ve been Beta Testing the games around the country, tweaking the rules, formats and achievements using feedback from dog and handler teams of various experience levels.   The most common feedback we have received is that the games are really fun whether you are a novice or experienced disc dog team.  That’s exactly what we wanted to hear!

We will always be thinking up new twists, new levels, new achievements and even new games. It will never be dull at an UpDog event!

UDC Website Launch

The website will be a key component of the UDC.  Every competitor will have an online profile where they can track their individual achievements.   This is taking the concept of titling from Agility and the leveling up function of apps and games that reward players for meeting measurable and achievable goals.

The UDC is determined to get more people playing with dogs and/or playing with discs.  We will start with mostly dog related competitions and add more games as our organization expands.

Our games are designed to develop handler skills. For example, the skills challenge will require competitors to make a variety of throws and do a variety of tricks.  Distance games require longer throws with accuracy.  These culminate in a stronger freestyle performance.

We believe that rewarding teams beyond the traditional top 3 will positively impact the growth of dog and disc sports by both encouraging new players to try the sport and by promoting a rewarding atmosphere that fosters lifetime players.