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Club Awards Packages


Currently UpDog offers 4 options for ordering awards.


1 – Order through UpDog.  Currently this is available for large discs only.  Details below.


2 – Order through Crown Awards.  You can choose your awards and use UpDog’s artwork that is on file with Crown.  This includes the UpDog logos, all game logos and special awards artwork such as “Catch of the Day”, “Indomitable Unicorn”, “Road Warrior”, “Mighty Beast”, “Old Dogs Rules”, “Forever Young”, “Miss Congeniality” and “Happy Birthday”.  All orders and payments go directly through Crown.  They have a large variety of awards to choose from.  To view previous awards carried by UpDog for design ideas click “read more” next to the out of stock items (medals) below.  Contact Shirlee directly for the best service:

Shirlee Herrera
Senior Account Specialist
Crown Awards
1-800-227-1557 ext. 501
Customer#: 53998229


3 – Order Ribbons through Stineman Ribbon Company.  You can choose which type of ribbons and are no longer limited to the one or two designs that UpDog kept in stock.  To view previous ribbons carried by UpDog for design ideas click “read more” next to the out of stock items below.

Stineman Ribbon Company 
account # 1-Up- 8361
(814) 495-4686
4- Create/order your own awards.

Clubs or groups hosting UpDog events may use either of UpDog’s two basic logos and the game icon logos to have awards made at a company of their choosing (or to hand make awards).  Rules regarding use of these items are found in the Rule and Requirements for Hosting document on the Google Drive.  These logos and designs may not be used for any other purposes not covered in the Rules and Requirements for Hosting document.


To order through UpDog:

Each order is for 1 set of awards.  1 set is for 1 game.  If you are playing 4 games, you should order a quantity of 4.  (Some games like FarOut you may want to order 2 sets)

MAKE SURE you choose enough awards for the games you are playing, including Level 1 and level 2.  Try to order well in advance to assure prompt delivery.  UpDog is not responsible for any late shipped awards on orders with less than 2 weeks lead time.