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Introducing the Sweet Spot! It’s where almost every UpDog game starts and finishes. It’s a bonus spot, so if you end the game standing here, you get bonus points!

General Guidelines
At UpDog canine safety is of utmost importance. We encourage all competitors to keep their canine partners safety at the forefront of their training all throughout their dog’s life.

There are no age limits for our games that are toss n fetch based. For freestyle,  dogs must be at least 16 months old to participate (for rescue dogs please use your vets assessment of your dog’s age). For Frizgility and FunKey, dogs must be at least 12 months.

We encourage competitors to have their canine partners x-rayed to ensure soundness of the hips and elbows and to ensure their growth plates are closed before beginning any serious freestyle or jump training (this would include flips, vaults, high jumps, etc.).

Dogs are sensitive to moods, emotions and tone.  Please remember these events are fun first, the competition is just to keep you striving to improve.

We are not tolerant of any abuse towards animals or humans at our events.  You may be asked to not participate with a full refund if an UpDog representative determines your behavior to be unacceptable.

More about

Achievements are earned during one round of a game.  UPs can be earned over the course of multiple rounds and thus multiple events by collecting achievements over time.  UPs allow a player to “Level UP” and play the game at a more challenging level if they so choose.


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UDC Games are Designed to Engage a Wider Range of Human and Canine Competitors
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Object of the game:
The object of the game is for the dog to successfully maneuver through 3-5 obstacles and then make a catch in the catch zone, return and go back through the same obstacles (opposite direction) and make a catch in the catch zone.

UDC Frizgility Rules Level 1 V3

(click to view)

Or go to the Frizgility Page

It is a favorite disc dog game with some new twists!  Throw and Go is a dog, a disc and a handler starting behind the line and racking up points by getting catches (throws or rollers)  in the various scoring zones.

Up Dog Throw and Go Field and Rules V2
(click to view)


Go to ThrowNGo pageScore as many points as possible in a 60 second time period by standing in the sweet spot and throwing to 4 score zones.  Get a catch in each zone and you have cleared the quad, unlocking the score zones so you can continue to rack up points.

Up Dog 4 Way Play Field and Rules V4
(click to view)


 Go to the 4WayPlay pageScore as many points as possible in a 60 second time period by standing in one of the five randomly selected throwing zone and getting catches in the 4 score zones to get a Spaced Out bonus.

Spaced Out Field

Spaced Out Rules
(click to view)


View the Spaced Out PageFreestyle flying disc is 2 rounds of skill and performance in the form of a dog and handler who entertain us with throws and catches. The UDC has put some new twists on this very popular disc dog game.  For all the rules go to the Freestyle Showcase page.


Freestyle Rules v5
(click to view)FunKey is a game that mixes elements of disc and agility. The key is to have fun while scoring as many points as you can in a 60 second time period. The dog completes one agility obstacles to unlock the ability to throw to a point zone for a catch. Get a catch in all four point zones before starting over. Earn an 2 additional points if both handler, dog and disc are in the “Sweet Spot” when time is called.

Funkey Rules V2
(click to view rules)


Go to the FunKey PagePairs Throw and Go is a variation of ThrowNGo game. There are two handlers alternating throws to the dog.

Official Rules coming soonThis distance game gives anyone a shot to be the distance champ.   You get 3 throws and an optional bonus throw.  Will you take it?

Click to view the rules:

Up Dog Far Out Rules

Go to the FarOut page

FarOut PageDog and handler race to get 3 catches in the shortest amount of time.  Don’t forget about the Sweet Spot Double Shot for a HUGE bonus!  (special thanks to Adrian Custer for this game idea)


Click here for the game rules

Time Warp Rules

Visit the Game Page

TimeWarp Page

We have plenty of games we are working on to challenge and entertain you and your dog. We take our time to evaluate and beta test each game before launching them to the public.   Have a game suggestion? Head to the contact page and tell us about it.

What Discs Can Be Used?
At UpDog the discs below are allowed to be used at competitions:

  • All Hero Dog Disc models
  • All Hyperflite Disc models
  • All Wham-O Fastback models
  • *NEW – The Latitude64 line of dog discs

Pup sized discs are allowed as are soft or floppy discs so long as they are round in shape, solid in construction (no holes, etc.) and safe for the dog.

Example: A Floppy Flyer would be allowed however a Hurl A Squirrel or ChuckIt Flying Squirrel would not be allowed.

Please contact UpDog or the event head judge if you are unsure if your disc is allowed prior to competing.

General Info
Treats, cookies and food meant for dogs is not allowed on the field and may not be used as a lure or reward on the playing field.

Prong, choke, electronic and other such training collars are not allowed on the competition field during the event. (Martingale collars and slip leads are allowed.)

There are no additional restriction on what collars, harnesses, vests, bandannas, etc. can be worn so long as the dog’s movement is not restricted and no safety hazard is posed.  The one exception however is any game involving agility obstacles.  Only flat buckle collars with no tags may be worn.  This is to prevent injury.  Dogs may run “naked” (no collar).  If you are in doubt about your K9’s attire please see the head judge for a ruling prior to the competition start time.

Use of a non audible tug toy (ex: no squeakers) is allowed in level 1 only to encourage a dog to return the disc. Tugging on the disc itself is allowed at any level.