Freestyle Showcase

Play the game, earn achievements, earn UPs, level UP!

Canine + Discs + You + some cool moves = Freestyle Showcase

Freestyle Showcase Rules

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Freestyle Rules
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Field Setup

See Rules PDF above.
Event Directors may modify the freestyle field.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Achievements and UPs

The Basic Idea

We want every UpDog game to inspire you and your dog to play. achieve. expand.

So we added some rewards along the way.  They are called achievements.  You can earn achievements by completing certain objectives. You will naturally do this by simply playing the games.  But some achievements require some extra effort or skill.

UPs are the rewards you get when you earn a certain number of achievements.  These are kind of a big deal.   And UPs are your key to unlocking new game levels.  It takes a certain number and combination of UPs to move to the next level.

Thanks for playing along with us at UpDog.  We’re excited to build a unique and rewarding system to recognize the achievements of you and your dog.  We welcome your feedback.

The Map of Success shows you the path you take as a player in each game earning achievements and UPs.

Map Of Success

Freestyle Achievements and Ups
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Judges Sheets

Judges Worksheet Dog Level 1
Judges Worksheet Human Level 1
Judges Worksheet Team Level 1Judges Worksheet Dog Level 2 V2

Judges Worksheet Human Level 2 v4

Judges Worksheet Team Level 2

Head Judge Cumulative Scoresheet

Freestyle Judges Scoring Cheat Sheet