Fantasy Disc Dog Pick-em 2015

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Fantasy Disc Dog Pick One – Sheet1
Disc Dog Fantasy Team. You only get to choose 1 team and a team can only be chosen once. First to post the team gets it. If you post a team that is already taken, please delete it once you realize your error. If your team wins a world championship in 2015 in SkyHoundz Classic , AWI, UFO, PPIDC or USDDN, I will send you a SuperSonic or SuperHero as your prize (only one, even if your team wins 5 things…) . This only applies to Overall Freestyle Champs and Overall TF champs. Not the points leader in UFO or the bullseye wc, or microdog or pairs freestyle, etc… If you have a question ask it. If you have a complaint just let it go…let it go…
Oh and choices must be submitted by June 30th. No submissions accepted after that date. And I reserve the right to adjust the rules if you smarty pants identify loopholes or wormholes…
Owner Р Team
Bettina Koch Adrian Stoica & Rory
Sara Brueske Andrea Rigler and Moxie
Kirby McNab Andrew Han and Psy
Robert Niemeier Andrew Han and Solar
Rick Rauwerda Angela and Vector
Linda Elmore Apryl Lea and Kiva
Benjamin Raney Benjamin Raney and Lacey
Travis Gettle Carolynn Richardson Williams and Steele
Chris Knapp Chris and Marino
Donna Sanders Bradley Chris Mashburn and Mindy!!
Vicki Kirchhoff-Martin Christi Campbell and Star Spangled Banner
Jessica Davis Chuck Middleton and BamBam
Spencer Jackson Chuck Middleton and bling bling
Christi Campbell Chuck Middleton and The Captain
Elysia Edmondson Elysia Edmondson & Ollie
Carolynn Richardson Williams Frank Montgomery and Chicklet.
Becca Hancock Melanie Frydrich and Bailey!
Tugger McGruff George VanDyke & Dash
Angela Ewtushik Gordon Cheung & Karma
Mikeandmolly Dillon Jack & Spice!!!
Kat Fahle Jack Fahle and Grudge
Gord Donhou Jason M Rigler and Kai
EllieGator Stivers Jeff Hill and Meh
Cassi Anderson Jeff hill and muse
Jackie Rodeffer-Scheetz Jeff Scheetz and Killian
Tammy Peterson Jeff Scheetz and Towser
Jessica Thorn Jessica Thorn and Jett
Kevin Eroskey Kevin Eroskey and Merlin.
Andrea Rigler Kirby and Sketch
Dave StClair Kirby McNab and Flash
Gary Duke Kirby McNab and Torch!
Mark Faragoi Kosuke Hirai and jake
Teresa Lynne Lucka Plevov√°
Marion Paulson Lucka Plevova and Rayo
Mark Vitullo Mark Faragoi & Riley
Julie Baber Mark Vitullo and Zelda
Diane Smith. Matt Bilderback & Bella
Becky Knox Matt Repko and Rocky
Chris Sexton Matteo Gadoni & Flower
Mike Hanson Mike Hanson and MaggEY
Jim Metallo Mona konishi and Laika
Heather Bednar Pennie Wells Mahon and Psych.
Gordon Cheung Rick Rauwerda and Deviant
George VanDyke Ron & Loot
Jess Kittredge Sara Brueske and Zuma
Ricky Jones Theresa Musi Brantly and Zen
Dave StClair Todd Murnan and GLOCK!
Jeff Kuchel Todd Murnan and Grit!
Jeff Duff Tracy Custer & Chill
Laura O’Neill Tracy Custer & Siren
Troy Mool ??
Jason M Rigler Tracy Custer and Ninja
Jax Testar Tugger McGruff & Albert