Hosting an UpDog event

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Our goals are:

  • To make it as easy as possible to host an UpDog event
  • To reduce any upfront financial burden
  • To simplify registration and event scoring

Eventually we will have the entire process, from registration to scoring, online and automated in real time.  Meaning as a club you will only need to schedule the event and our system will manage registrations for you.  Then during the event, our live scoring apps will allow for real time scoring and updates.  Alerting you to what achievements and UPs have been earned, tallying scores and submitting them automatically to the member site.   We’re getting there… and we welcome your feedback.

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UpDog events must be scheduled in advance with UpDog and appear on the UpDog calendar prior to being held or advertised.  All runs must occur during the published time for the event. 

Proximity Rule:  UpDog events are scheduled on a first come first served basis and two events cannot occur on the same day if they are within 100 miles/160 kilometers of one another.  Example:  Club A located in Orlando, FL schedules an event for November 15th and Club B in Tampa, FL (85 miles away) contacts us later to schedule an event that same day, Club B cannot hold the event on November 15th.  They can however hold the event on 11/16 provided that Club A’s event is a 1 day only event.

Judging options:
Plan an event with UpDog in which one of our representatives attends your event and trains up to 2 or 3 judges from your club on the rules of the games, how to judge, etc. Your group will need individuals to assist with sideline judging, scoring, announcing, etc.  For first time training events the judge’s travel costs and $1 per run ($100 minimum per day) will be paid by the host club and $3 per run will go back to UpDog.  Awards will be provided free of charge for this first training event.  The cost for future events is simply a $3 per run administrative fee and the cost of medals/ribbons. Host clubs determine their own entry fee schedule for UpDog Challenge events.

Generally, depending on the group’s experience it only takes one event to train a group however it can sometimes take 2 events of this nature to become fully trained.  That assessment will be made at the end of the first event.

(First Timers may also elect to bring in an UpDog Judge, see next tab or travel to an approved club to begin their training prior to hosting a first event.  Contact us for more details on that option)Plan an event with UpDog in which your group hires an UpDog judge to come judge for you. Your group will need to provide individuals to assist with sideline judging, scoring, announcing, etc. In this scenario the host club pays for the judge’s expenses (travel, lodging, food) and then an additional $1 per run to the judge for their time ($75 per day minimum).  $3 per run goes back to UpDog for administrative purposes.

Medals/ribbons are extra. Host clubs determine their own entry fee schedule for UpDog Challenge events.

This plan is likely best suited for agility clubs, dock dog clubs, dog schools, etc. who are not as familiar with disc dog events and want to leave the role of head judge to an official UpDog judge for their events going forward.Plan an event with UpDog in which your group handles judging, scoring, announcing, etc. $3 per run goes back to UpDog for administrative purposes. Medals/ribbons are extra.  Host clubs determine their own entry fee schedule for UpDog Challenge events.
This is not an option for a club that has never run an UpDog event previously. You must have been trained by UpDog staff and/or be certified as an UpDog judge.Want to offer Freestyle?  You will need a Freestyle certified judge.   Just shoot us an email and we can help you get certified or help you find someone who is.

mailto: Help@updogchallenge.comInterested in becoming an UpDog judge?  If your intention is to host/judge your own events with your local club or group then read the “First Timers” tab as that option is likely the one best suited for you.  If you are interested in being hired by clubs around the world to head judge for their event and/or you would like to be eligible to be hired to train new clubs then contact us to discuss.  The length of time the training requires is dependent on your previous experience with disc, with judging dog sports, etc.  There are a variety of options for getting trained so contact us for more information.  Use the “Get in Touch” option (lower right of this page) and provide your previous and current experience when doing so.

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Freestyle Level 1

Freestyle Level 2

75 second timer

FreeStyle L2 RD2 includes Judges timer

Clubs will send us their choice of games, date, time and location and we will get the event published and provide whatever support is required.

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UpDog will send an invoice with the total due for runs owed.  Please pay within 30 days.  Payment options are PayPal or Stripe
Level 1 – all games except freestyle

Freestyle Scoresheets level 1

Freestyle scoresheets level 2

Freestyle Head Judge Blanks

Level 2 Games except Freestyle

Field Prep – Hosting Checklist – Hosting Requirements – Data Entry – PreRegistration

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