AKC Titles

The AKC will recognize the accomplishments of dogs at UpDog Challenge events.
UpDog was founded with the goal of making the sport of disc dogging more accessible to the world. Our games are designed so that any dog and humans of any ability—can play and experience achievement.

This partnership allows for more visibility of the sport of disc dogging in the world and creates additional incentive for more humans to participate in this active team sport.

Dogs that earn points based UPs in three different games are eligible for an AKC Disc Dog title. For example, if a dog has gotten the Bronze UP in three games, they are eligible for the AKC Disc Dog Bronze (DDB) title. Dogs that earn Bronze UPs in six different games are eligible for the Disc Dog Bronze Elite (DDBE) title.

“This allows dogs to be recognized for excellence in a variety of games, while leaving the owners free to choose their favorites,” – -Stephanie Kennerley, AKC Sport Development Manager.

Specifics about the UpDog/AKC titling program and the AKC title application form can be found in the AKC Title Recognition Program section of the AKC website by clicking on Disc Dog. For now – find info here
Title applications will be processed beginning October 1, 2019. A dog’s accomplishments (UPs earned) will be grandfathered back to the beginning of UpDog in 2014.

How to Claim Titles

  1. Make sure you have a dog number with AKC
  2. Download your UPs certificates from your teams page
  3. Fill out the AKC title form and include copies of your UPs certificate
  4. Submit via mail or email including payment of $25

In order for dogs to receive an AKC title, owners must have a dog number in with AKC so the titling information can be recorded. See the types of numbers available and which one best fits your situation.

  • AKC Registration Number – This number is provided to a dog owner via a registration certificate received from the previous owner, or via a puppy registration paper given to the new owner by the breeder.
  • Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) – If a dog is purebred but an AKC Registration Number is not possible, owners can apply for PAL number.
  • Foundation Stock Service®(FSS) Number – This number is used for breeds whose status is currently in the foundational stage of being recorded into our registry and requires a copy of the dog’s pedigree.
  • AKC Canine Partners Number – This number is given to either mixed breed dogs or a purebred.