Achievements are digital awards for participation in UpDog games.  They have clever names and cool graphics and they are automatically added to your team profile if you are a member.You earn digital achievements by participating in any UpDog game or event. Achievements are earned while playing a round of an UpDog game.  UPs are mostly earned by playing multiple rounds, games or events.  So every round is a chance to earn achievements and to contribute to earning UPs.Every game has multiple levels and every level of every game has its own achievements that can be earned. You can see images of some of the achievements below.   You can also review the achievements matrix in the next tab or check out the Maps of Success on each games page.

Some UpDog Achievements

Throw and Go Sharp Shooter

Throw and Go Golden Receiver

Throw and Go Super High Roller

Throw and Go High Roller

Throw and Go High 5

4 Way Play Super High Roller

4 Way Play High Roller

Frizgility High 5