UPDIF 2019 Registration Information

Wave 2 Pre-Flight is now open. There is a link on the homepage of the teams site:


Pre-flight will run from today (2/4) through midnight (Pacific time) on the 7th. This is a period of time to go through the registration process without any stress, discover any issues, and allow us to fix them.

If you registered teams during Wave 1 – please be aware that only teams that were not registered for Wave 1 will show up, and any of the common questions about players packs, shirt sizes, volunteering, etc will also not be shown…as you entered that information during Wave 1.

All the choices you make in pre-flight will be persisted, and when actual registration opens up at 9AM (Eastern) on the 8th, all you should have to do is enter your credit card and pay.

Should anyone hit a run limit when they check out, the rest of their choices will go through, and the team/game that hit a limit will be placed on a waiting list. If you are playing multiple teams in the same game, and one of them got wait listed, and you’d like to switch which team gets the spot, we can handle that manually via email.